Sunday, October 3, 2004


I just finished up the Reporting Services pre-conference, and the regular session at PASS before flying to Germany to do the first full-week delivery of the Ascend BI course.


Unfortunately, because Jeanne swept through Orlando, the airport was shut down from Saturday noon until Monday noon, so none of us were able to get to the pre-pre-conference session on Yukon. I flew to Pensacola on Sunday, thinking it would be easier to get to Orlando from there, only to find that my flight to Orlando was cancelled at the last minute because Jeanne had closed down Atlanta, preventing the crew from arriving.


So to avoid cancelling the Tuesday pre-conference session, I caught the 5:20 early flight out, arriving in Orlando with 20 minutes to spare before my pre-conference session began. The PASS organizers were a little nervous. The session was on Reporting Services--mostly 2000--and went quite well.


Hopefully, tomorrow I can make it over to see a bit of the closing day of Oktoberfest.


-- Reed

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