Monday, November 1, 2004

Chertsey is not London

[This post has nothing to do with Yukon, and should in no way be interpreted as my having being the least bit disappointed by my experience in, uh, London]

If you ever go to a training class at Microsoft in London, check to see whether it is really in Chertsey, which is where their new training facility is. (Apparently, the facility came along with the Great Plains acquisition.) And if you go to Chertsey, be aware that you are going to a charming little town out in Surrey, and don't expect to pop down to the west end for a show in the evening. And if you stay at the Hilton Cobham (which really is a nice place), expect to be out in the middle of the forest at a popular "hideaway" where the only way out is by car or taxi--an easy hour to Chertsey during rush hour.

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