Friday, July 28, 2006

New Existing operator

I just found out about the Existing operator. You put it in front of a set and it filters the set by using all the current members in the current context. This simplifies using Attributes without User Hierarchies.

For example, suppose you need to do the equivalent of the LastChild aggregation function, but with the Standard Edition: Use the Existing keyword to find the last period. The issue is that without a multi-level time hierarchy, how do you know which is the "last" month in the current filtered space. So Existing Time.Month.Members is essentially equivalent to Descendants(Time.CurrentMember,Time.Month), except that it doesn't require a User Hierarchy. Thus Tail(Existing Time.Month.Members) give the last month in the current filter set. (Note that this doesn't give the Last non-empty member, just the Last Child.)

- Reed Jacobson

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