Friday, October 13, 2006

ByAccount aggregation bug workaround [Joe Kasprzak]

When working with Account type dimensions and semi-additive Measures across a variety of account types with different aggregation functions, you can use the ByAccount aggregation function to set the proper aggregation behavior.

There is a bug that sometimes occurs to the finance measure where the ByAccount option doesn’t properly set various aggregation rules for each account type. This can be manually fixed by the following process:

* Right click the solution in the Solution Explorer window and click “Edit Database” to display the current settings for the finance measures by account type.

The ByAccount aggregation function should have set for each account type to either sum for additive or lastnonempty for accounts which are semi-additive.

* Click the Aggregation Function in the Account Type Mapping box and change the aggregation function from Sum to Lastnonempty for the Flow, Liability, Balance, Asset and Statistical account types.

- Joe

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