Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The 'Currency' number format style is Evil [Reed]

I always used to use Currency formatting for currency values, but it's totally wrong in a database environment. Currency displays using the current locale's currency setting. But the values in your database have a pre-known, specific currency. If the values in your database are in Euros, then you don't want somebody from California to see them showing up as dollars. The origin of the Currency style was to simplify life for people using tools like Excel to input numbers. But when used with a database, they can cause rediculous restatements. Once I thought about it, Currency format is so rediculous that I can't believe I used to use it all the time. Hence the blog entry.

Even when doing currency conversions--you want to be in control of which currency format the values take. You NEVER want to be at the mercy of the current user's control panel whims.

Cheers. Happy 4th of July to all us Americans. [Reed]

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